Ways to get placed at camp with Wild Packs!

So you want to go to camp but you’re not sure about how you will get that all important interview with a camp director and hopefully get offered the amazing, exciting position of a camp counsellor at their wonderful camp? Well this post is the help show you how you can get chatting to a director and get one step closer to going to camp in the States this summer! Here are the three different ways:

1- Have your application sent directly to one of our directors. We work with over 300 camps in the States who send us regular staff wishlists! We will review these wishlists on a regular basis and if your application fits the bill we will send your application over to the camp. They’ll review your application and should they want to move forward they will reach out to us and we will introduce you to the camp!

2- We have a online database that our camp directors can access 24/7! They can review applications from those who are ready to be placed at any time and select you for their camp. This will be the first time they’ve seen your application so it’s really important to impress. Review your content and make sure your pictures are appropriate for camp and your skill set. Going for an arts role? Show us some of your work. Football? That photo of you scoring a goal or coaching the kids team will be perfect!

3- Attend one of our placement fairs- from the comfort of your own home! We host online placement fairs around once every 2/3 weeks with normally around 12+ camps attending (we try and limit the amount of camps attending so it’s less confusing when applying for positions). You can chat with our directors through our website- where they can review your application and references. Email hannah@wildpacks.com for more information on the fairs!