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Summer camp in America is a really big deal! It has an amazing impact on around ten million children and goodness only knows how many staff. Become a camp counselor today!

Within all of the camps we work with, just about every personality, quirk and skill set has a home. This applies for both campers and the staff.
Make a great job with your application and you can be part of it this summer! If you have the right attitude, there is definitely a summer camp out there for you. Don’t panic if you are not an Olympic athlete or don’t have years of teaching experience, we will coach you through the process and give you all the tools you need. Assuming you are 18 by June 1st and are willing to give it your all then we can help you! Get that application started today!

Why Wild Packs?

Wild Packs specialise in finding summer camp jobs (based all over America) for hundreds of successful applicants every year. The year round team at Wild Packs HQ have worked on camp for years and many of us return each summer to embrace the mayhem of camp! We understand the power and magic of summer camp.

If you are looking for an agency who will work with you on a personal level, cares about the welfare of you and the campers, offers a higher than average salary and is staffed by camp professionals then choose Wild Packs Summer Camps.

Check out our How the Process Works page for more information!

Our Camps

Our camps are located all over America and are all accredited by the American Camping Association. This means you, as a camp counselor, will be trained and supported within an inch of your life. Our camps all run an extensive staff orientation, which lasts anything up to two weeks before the arrival of the campers, ensuring quality instruction and care from the outset. Your food and accommodation are all provided when working at camp. When at camp you don’t have any expenses!

The owners of the camps will want to talk to you on Skype before they offer you an official spot at their camp. They’ll want to know about you, why you want to work at camp, why you want to work with kids and generally what makes you tick! Present yourself in a way which would leave them no doubt but to offer yourself a contract. Confidence, talking about previous experience with children and a great, positive and polite manner will help you bag that camp job!

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