Lauren’s 10 Ways that summer Camp Changes Your Life (Part One)

There are so many things that you will gain from working at a summer camp in the USA and hundreds of ways that camp will change you as a person. Lauren, our placement guru tells us about her top 10 ways that camp changed her life, and will most likely change yours too!


Allows you to experience true independence:

So there you are. You’re at the airport. Your mum and dad or roommates or whoever are waving you off as you are about to embark of the trip of a lifetime. You are internally panicking. WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING????

Before you know it, you are in the middle of a set of mountains you’ve never heard of with whispers of bears, snakes and spiders. You have chipmunks running around at the speed of light and 20 little sets of eyes staring up at you every day hoping that one day they will be just like you.

You are fully responsible for getting these little people up and out in the morning, making sure they have brushed their teeth and put on clean underwear (I’m not entirely convinced the boys do this though). You make sure they eat healthy and balanced meals, they stay hydrated and apply sun screen. You make sure you don’t lose any of them. You encourage them to reach for the sky, you celebrate their successes and you help them learn from their mistakes, you mentor them, you advise them and you love them like they were your own little brothers or sisters.

Wow, remember when you made your mum do your laundry and you ate beans on toast and pot noodles for the full of uni!? Who is this new person!? Who knew they were inside you all along!!  Camp teaches you to be independent. So much so that you have 10-12 young people who depend on you 24/7. Way to adult!!

Broadens your horizons: 

Did you ever think you could scale a mountain? Climb a tree right to the very top? Get on a horse? Get up on a stage in front of 500 people and not care what you look/sound like? What about dealing with 14 year old girl drama?

Did you ever think it was possible to change your career path, to become more driven, more motivated and more headstrong? What about your ability to be placed in a pot of hundreds of other like-minded strangers and flourish.

Camp has an increasingly ability to open doors from you as you learn from other people’s experiences and realise what you really want from life.

Opens your eyes: 

Remember that saying never judge a book by its cover? Yeah, well this could not be truer at Camp.

Camp teaches you to love people for who they are – not what they do, what they’ve got or what they look like.  At Camp you will grow to love people who you would never even cross paths with in everyday life. These people will open your eyes to the vast world out there are the numerous people which inhabit it.

Aside from the bonds that you’ll make, Camp opens your eyes to the true beauty and rawness of the world that we live in. Some of the sights that you’ll see in the USA will literally blow your mind. You may find that with all of this new found confidence and skills you’ve gained that you get itchy feet and decide to explore a little more of the world…exciting!

Still thinking about it? We thought not. Apply today-