The perils of mixing your social media life with your campers!

So you’ve been to camp and now you’re spending some time travelling around the States with your new found camp friends, seeing the sites, hitting up some college parties and generally having a good time. However, as soon as the kids left camp they went straight on whatever social media pages they use, stalked and added you. Via social media you’ve gone from their favourite camp counselor, who wore funny outfits, allowed them to stay up late and played Ninja with them all summer long to a beer drinking, partying young adult. It’s like you’re a whole different person!

So- what do you do? Do you accept those friend requests from those 13 year old campers and allow them access into your private life? Reject the requests and risk offending the friendship you worked so hard to earn all summer long?

Here are some options:

  1. Make another profile- a camp friendly one. If the kids find your not so camp appropriate profile drop them a message and ask them to add the other. That way you can keep in touch with kids and staff from camp without giving them access to your pre and post camp life.
  2. Change your name on facebook/twitter/instagram- if you don’t want the campers to be able to find you then change your name. That way they won’t be able to find you.
  3. Lock down those privacy settings. Spend some time on your facebook and you can do all sorts of things, from making your profile unsearchable to putting people in certain groups with different levels of access (e.g. campers in a group where they can only message you or not view certain things). You can also make it so no one can tag you or add things to your wall without your permission.
  4. Go through your social media with a fine tooth comb to make sure it’s appropriate. If you want to be friends with the campers that’s fine, however, it’s not ok to scar them for life. If you wouldn’t want your 6 year old cousin or granny seeing it then remove or hide!

Some camps will have their own policies on social media and may contract you stating you areĀ not allowed to interact with campers before camp. It’s always best to check with camp before accepting those requests and follows.