The Ulitimate and Perfect Camp Playlist

Summer camp can be a very cheesy place, and the music choices at camp definitely demonstrate this happy go lucky, cheesetastic and sometimes emotional environment.

Here are our top songs  that you’ll probably hear in the glorious USA this summer:

  1. – This is a guarantee play- especially on a Friday! Although this tune may be a few years old it’s not lost it’s ‘charm’ and it’s lyrics can be easily changed to fit in with the activities at camp. It’s easy to sing along to, embrace Rebecca’s reasonably flat vocals.
  2. – The Biebs has recently released some pretty good tunes but this classic is easy to dance to and an absolute hit with the campers (maybe the girls more than the boys…). If you can rap along to Ludacris you’ll be the apple of your campers’ eyes.
  3. – Camp is a party. You’re off the the USA. It totally makes sense. Miley’s older songs are maybe a little more ‘camp appropriate’  than her newer songs. This one won’t disappoint.
  4. – Anything by T-Swift will be a hit. The kids will love her older songs as well as her newer, less country sound. Girl power lyrics and sing-a-long choruses, you can’t go wrong with a bit of Taylor!
  5. – Released in 2000 this song will be older the basically all the campers but it’s still a hit. The dance moves are easy enough for your 6 year old campers to follow as well as your old time camp lifers.
  6. – Crazily this song is nearly 10 years old but it’s another great camp everyone dance along song!
  7. – This is a great end of campfire song. The counsellors will probably appreciate it more than the kids, and the lyrics may need a little adjusting!
  8. – Another great campfire sing-a-long song!
  9. – This is a tear jerker. Play this this in the last few days of camp and watch the eyes of the campers and counsellors well up!
  10.  – Ditto above. All the tears!