The last 24 hours before you fly to camp…

So there’s been weeks, maybe even months of waiting for camp to start and then you find yourself at home the day before you’ll fly to camp. Hopefully your bags are packed, your flight itinerary is printed and safely stowed away, you’ve been through the embassy and you can’t wait to get yourself to camp! Here are your steps to 24 hours before you fly!

With regards to flights you DO NOT need an ESTA. We get lots of calls about this, but as you’re going to camp on a visa there is no need to apply for an ESTA. If you have any questions please contact the Wild Packs office on 01383 435991.

Paperwork:- we would recommend you make at least two copies of your visa paperwork, medical insurance and passport. Make sure you take the originals with you in your hand luggage and pack the copies in your main bag.

Make sure you’ve written down the address of camp as well as their phone number. You may need to contact them when you get to the USA to arrange a pick up/let them know that you’ve landed so having their information to hand is important.

Get your phone unlocked. If you have an iphone you can use one of the SIMs that we’ll send out with the visa paperwork, this will allow you to call home, use data etc.

Double check that camp know your flight and travel information e.g. flight times and numbers, how you’re getting to camp. Either email your camp or log in to your online account on their website and make sure you’ve submitted the form.

Have some things handy in the top of your suitcase or backpack. You might be arriving late into camp so keep a change of clothes and toiletries plus anything else that you might need towards the top- so you have an easy arrival.

Make sure you pack your phone charger in your hand luggage, just in case you need to recharge your phone (plus a U.S. plug adapter).