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Wild Packs Ltd will recommend the most appropriate camp for each potential camper based on the information supplied. W.P’s will make every reasonable check on every partner camp to ensure that camper welfare and the state of the facility meets the requirements of the American Camping Association.

Partner camps are in agreement to work exclusively with Wild Packs Ltd for all international camper bookings and travel logistics. No placement will be confirmed on a camp until a signed W.Ps Ltd contract and waiver, W.P‘s Ltd program fees and unique camp fees have been received by Wild Packs Ltd (A camp specific registration form may also be required.)

Unique camp fees due, amount TBC by the camp prior to paperwork being sent. Contracts will only be sent once a suitable camp has been identified, availability for the requested session has been confirmed and the parents / guardian are in agreement to move forward with the process. Placements will be held for a maximum of 14 days following receipt of the Wild Packs invoice which will arrive via mail shortly after all parties have settled on particular camp.

W.Ps Ltd will not be held accountable for any increase in camp fees or loss of reserved placement due to tardy return of the aforementioned documents. Should W.P’s receive no correspondence from parent or guardian within the 14 days allowed, placements will be cancelled.

Wild Pack’s Ltd maintains a strict no refund policy on program fees, within 30 days of departure. Refunds available on the unique camp fees are at the discretion of the camp, and are payable directly to parent / guardian. Refer to your insurance policy for details on claiming flight fees.

Only once full W.Ps Ltd program fees and full camp fees, have been received, will a placement be 100% secured at the selected camp. All flights will be booked using the individual travel requirements of each camper that will be supplied by the parent or guardian. Wild Packs Ltd will not be held accountable for any changes made to these requirements after the flight has been booked. Any changes will be made through chosen booking agent.

Unique camp forms or directions to on-line camp forms will be sent out by W.P’s Ltd to parent / guardian (With placement confirmation, dependant on fees being received.) These will include medical forms, dietary requirements, camper profile and a suggested packing list. Every camp is slightly different and as such, range and variety of necessary paperwork may vary. All completed paperwork should be returned to W.P’s UK office for processing and mailing onto the camp, at the earliest opportunity.

If you prefer to send unique camp documentation directly to the camp, W.P’s would request that you inform us of each action. Some forms will be submitted on-line, in which case our partner camps will communicate with us should any issue arise. Remember, we are here to support you wherever we can.

The parents / guardian of any child flying as an unaccompanied minor are required to give the name and contact details of the person that will collect the child upon their return home. This information should be given to W.Ps Ltd to be passed onto the camp. Any camper aged 15 and under will be regarded as an unaccompanied minor by most airlines and as such will be taken into the care of the airline upon check in. The airline assumes responsibility for every unaccompanied minor and will only release the child to the pre-assigned adult at each respective arrival airport. Any unaccompanied minor will be under the close supervision of airline staff throughout the entire flight and arrival process. Any parent not wishing to pay the unaccompanied minor fee accepts full responsibility for their child, should they for any reason get lost during the travel process.

Wild Packs Ltd strongly recommends the use of the unaccompanied minor service and will not be held accountable for any repercussions resulting from declining this service by the parent or guardian. W.Ps Ltd requires a note of any such decision to be sent to the W.P’s head office. Advice and information on the service is available by calling the W.P’s Ltd office in the UK or at the point of booking with STA Travel.

Wild Packs Ltd will make every effort to have all relevant camper paperwork collated and delivered to camp before the arrival of any camper. This process depends heavily on the parents / guardians returning and or submitting appropriate documentation promptly. Wild Packs Ltd will be in regular contact with partner camps and will endeavour to inform parents of any issues that may arise. In the event of a camper being asked to return home early due to misconduct (see unique camp contract), W.Ps Ltd will assist in organising travel arrangements home but are in no way responsible for any of the associated costs and it remains at the discretion of the camp to refund any unique camp fees.

The Parents / Guardian’s of every child are solely responsible for getting each camper to the airport on time and checked in. All unaccompanied minors will be signed over to the airline staff at check in. W.Ps Ltd will supply the details of the camp representative assigned to collect each camper upon arrival in the U.S. The camp is responsible for meeting every camper at the airport and checking them in for the return journey. They will have been informed of the flight details by way of an e-ticket copy.

W.Ps Ltd will receive a confirmation email/phone call from the camp, confirming that the child has arrived safely. This will then in turn be communicated to the parents/guardian. (Most camps will have the children call home directly upon arrival.) The camp also assumes full responsibility for the welfare or each camper from the moment they are collected at the airport and until they are safely checked in for the return journey.

Should the camp or parents / guardian have any questions regarding travel home or camper insurance, W.Ps Ltd will be on hand to answer any questions and will make every reasonable effort to resolve any issue. For other camper related issues such as homesickness, camps will be encouraged to communicate directly with parents / guardians.

Wild Packs Ltd claims no responsibility for the welfare of any camper during their time on camp or whilst in the care of the airline. The supervision and welfare of each camper is the sole and primary responsibility of the camp or airline respectively.

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