Super heros? 80’s workout gear? Harry Potter? Theme days at camp are the best!

Camp may push you outside of your comfort zone, make you feel silly or even a little ridiculous but that’s the fun in it. Camp is all about breaking down social norms and having fun! You’d maybe dress up in fancy dress for a night out at uni but theme days at camp are a whole different kettle of fish!

Kids will come to camp bringing an array of items they can use for theme days/evenings. Don’t panic too much about bringing all your costumes with you, Walmart, Party City  and the like will help you with all your costume needs, or simply get creative (and keep your costs down)! Camp is full of arty folk, supplies and equipment and you’ll always be able to throw something together!

Evening activities and theme days are a big part of camp life and something that the campers will really look forward to. Sometimes they may be planned and other times not, that’s the beauty of camp and that requirement of flexibility really comes into play at this point. Camp directors are looking for staff who are creative and imaginative and can also think on their feet. No one is expecting award winning costumes but having a creative streak will definitely help and the campers will love your help.

Examples of theme days could include: Pirates, ninjas, neon, casino, sports jersey day, British, twin day, back to front day, international day. Face paint  is a vital part of the uniform for a camp counsellor and is an quick and easy way  to change your look! Camp’s won’t do theme days all that often, as they don’t want to break up programs and lessons but it is a nice day to have that breaks up time on camp, especially for the longer 7 week sessions. Get excited and get involved in the madness that is summer camp!