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One of the most sought after summer jobs available is to work at a camp in America.

These microcosms of society offer the chance for excellent new experiences to be undertaken and are perhaps one of the most exciting jobs that can be undertook. It is a challenging job, but one that is incredibly rewarding and can even be a life-changing experience.

When you come to us, you don’t have to pay a fortune for the experience. We ask that you pay a fee which goes towards the cost of your visa paperwork and medical insurance. You don’t need to pay simply for applying and you will only have to pay once you have been accepted. Extra costs will also count for flights and background checks. However, the pay that you will receive will be enough to help reimburse the cost of flights and applications. It will also give you extra spending money for when the camp closes for the summer and you are allowed to explore America before you return. Between the pay you receive and the exploring that you get to do, as well as the people you can meet, we provide perhaps one of the best summer jobs available.

You will get to consider the camp that you join and will stay at through the summer. There are a variety of camps, including traditional camps, special needs camps and camps based around performing and the creative arts, to name just a few. Of course, there simply is no shortage of camps that we cover and there is bound to be something for your interests and that fits your abilities perfectly. When you join, you will be provided with full training before the children arrive and your food, bedding and laundry will also be provided, saving you money.

You will be working for the benefit of the children first and foremost. You need to have an excellent work ethic, a can-do attitude, a love of working with people and good communication skills. Stating that you worked at a summer camp in America for several months is an excellent addition to your CV and will make you stand out to any and all potential employers. As such, it may be difficult work but the rewards, alongside the experience, that you will receive are brilliant.

We are always looking for new staff for camps and we also welcome back all returnees with open arms as well. We pride ourselves on offering help and advice for all applicants and will do all we can to ensure that you are placed in the right camp for you. If you are looking to partake in one of the most exciting summer jobs of your life, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us team by phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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