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Summer camp is a major aspect of American culture.

A staggering amount of children visit camps throughout the USA every year and they offer a fantastic opportunity not only for the kids but also the people that take jobs as instructors and councillors. We are a team of dedicated professionals that have all had first hand experience with summer camps. We know the rewards that these summer jobs in America bring to people as well as the profoundly positive impact they have on children of all ages. We specialise in summer camp placement and collectively we have all the knowledge, skills and experience needed to secure the perfect positions for everyone interested in summer jobs in America.

If you are considering pursuing a camp job then you need to be aware of all the relevant factors. We assure every applicant that we spend all year screening and processing applications and 90% of them are successful. Once accepted onto the program you will be kept fully informed and receive round the clock support. There are numerous advantages to taking a camp job and we guarantee that this fantastic experience will stay with you forever. Not only do you get to travel to the USA, you will spend nine weeks on camp embracing a host of new activities, guiding and taking care of children and having a wonderful impact on their lives, forming new friendships and not to mention having the remainder of your summer free to explore the rest of the country as you wish.

We offer some of the most competitive camp salaries available. A camp job will not bring you wealth in the financial sense, but it will enrich your life in many other ways. Our available information will highlight everything you need to know and all that is required from you is honesty and an enthusiastic attitude. Once accepted you need not worry as we will provide you with the official paperwork you need in order to process your visa application and arrange medical insurance. Every applicant is offered our attentive care and support in every area. We always recommend that you aim for the camp that speaks the loudest to your personality, abilities and ambitions. There are many kinds of camps ranging from traditional to ones focused on performing arts and media.

Camp duration is usually from mid June to mid August and once your place is secured you are almost ready to board that bird and hit the skies. Upon your arrival you will be warmly welcomed and receive full training so you are fully prepared for the arrival of the kids that you will spend just over two months nurturing. We look for committed people that genuinely want to embrace the adventure and help kids have a memorable experience. Entrust your American dream to us and we will make sure you have a safe and fantastic time that you will never forget.

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