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If you’re a student in search of the ultimate summer experience, or simply a person in search of an exciting and challenging way to spend your summer, there are many options open to you.

Few, however, are likely to have the same impact as working at an American summer camp. This can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences you will ever have, in particular if you are taking a path towards a career in teaching, care work or other relevant paths. With many camps running from mid-June through to mid-August, working at one as a supervisor or counsellor also provides you with an opportunity to experience some of the sensational sights and attractions of America before you return home.

Summer camps are a traditional part of the summer experience for kids growing up in the United States. They are a hugely popular, well attended part of American life. The impact of this is that many teachers, trainers, counsellors and carers are always required to staff them. Applications from around the world are welcomed, as it facilitates a rewarding exchange of cultures between the counsellors and the children. We provide you with the way to get there.

We have long held the name for being the tried, tested and trusted way to assist people from around the world in fulfilling the dream of working at an American summer camp. The most popular camps know and trust our services due to our comprehensive vetting and selection process for potential staff, whilst people in the UK and beyond know that we offer the most supportive service possible. With no hidden costs and all matters involving your application disclosed transparently, we are always working for your benefit.

If you are wondering what abilities summer camps are looking for in potential counsellors, the answer really is every possible skill you can think of. We represent both the traditional camps that feature many activities, right through to ones which specialise in the field of creative and performing arts, to special needs camps. Whichever type of camp you go to, you will be responsible for ensuring the kids have a brilliant time and are kept safe throughout their summer – and you’ll undoubtedly have a ot of fun too!

If you have the skills that American camps are looking for, and believe that you meet the criteria to qualify for this amazing summer experience, get in touch with us today. It is never too soon to plan and book for the next summer season. For any questions or queries you might have, we are always available to discuss the details of this great way to spend your summer.

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