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Summer camp in the USA represents an important part of the heritage and traditions associated with growing up in America, offering all of the wonderful opportunities, fun and adventures you have seen in films and documentaries.

One of the most important elements of a successful and safe summer camp is in ensuring they have the best staff.

We are the UK leaders in helping young adults reach their dreams and aspirations about being involved in the summer camp USA experience. We are the preferred choice amongst the leading summer camps to find the very best of staff to serve as teachers, trainers and counsellors from mid-June to mid-August every year. This reputation has come about from our meticulous checks and vetting of those wanting to work in American summer camps, and the great assistance we give to successful candidates in terms of help with visas and flights, as well as general, dependable support.

In regards of who qualifies to work in an American summer camp, the answer is anyone who can bring skills, abilities and talents with them and is steadfastly committed to the welfare and well-being of children. The positions available at USA summer camps are usually ideal for those currently studying towards a career working with children, either as a teacher or in a care capacity, although anyone can benefit from the experience as there are so many different jobs and activities available. The experience you will gain at one of these camps can prove invaluable, providing an impressive reference to use as part of your career.

As for what takes place at these summer camps, well, the answer is pretty much everything imaginable. Summer camp is usually for children aged between 7 and 17. There are specialist camps for children drawn to specific activities such as creative and performing arts, but for the most part they offer a wide and diverse range of indoor and outdoor activities. No matter what your own area of speciality or expertise is, there’s likely to be the perfect position available for you.

Working at a summer camp in the USA can be one of the most rewarding and engaging experiences of your life. For those who are dedicated to helping children and always working in their best interests, we can assist you in obtaining your dream job.

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