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We are here to help people from all around the world to find the perfect summer camp jobs in the USA.

Camping has deep roots in American traditions and is enjoyed every summer by millions of children and teenagers. There are thousands of camps offering everything from outdoor adventures to sports, arts, crafts and even things like music and science. Visitors, camp workers and parents alike all agree that the experience is great and truly rewarding.

There are several things to consider when you apply for a summer job at a camp, including the type you want to work at, the role you would like and the location. We can help you with all of these considerations and provide support throughout. One single fee and we will arrange your visa, organise health insurance for you and provide full support 24 hours a day for the duration of your time at camp. We will also let you know of any additional costs you may have to pay including background and police checks.

The quality of your application is very important if you want to stand a good chance of securing a place. Summer camp jobs in the USA are very popular, especially amongst students looking for a fun break before they head back to education. Applications need to tell camp organisers about you and what you can offer. The more effort you put into the application the better the chance you’ll find a position and the role you want.

Applicants without previous skills can rest easy because all staff are given training at camp before the children arrive. This lets you get comfortable with your role, understand what support is available and get to know your colleagues better. Every camp is its own little community and gives all staff and visitors the chance to participate and have fun.

We try to find the best roles for all applicants. During your stay there are no bills to worry about as all accommodation, food and other costs will be included. Summer camp jobs are a great way to earn a little while you have a fantastic experience and enrich the lives of the children who visit the camp.

Applications are open now for summer 2015 and we recommend applying early if you want the best opportunity of getting exactly what you want. Please take the time to browse the Wild Packs website and read all of the information we have provided. There are also fun videos to watch so you can get an idea of what working at a camp is like.

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