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If you are searching for a new experience that is guaranteed to be challenging and life changing then summer camp employment may be the answer.

Summer camps are a part of America’s identity and they have been playing host to children of all ages for many years. Wild Packs are a group of camp gurus that specialise in summer camp placement. As an agency we stand entirely alone in that we charge no fees for application and interview. We offer some of the finest camp salaries that are not established in accordance with your age.

Jobs in American summer camps are incredibly popular as they are such a comprehensively rewarding experience. If you are interested in working with children in the future then they are the perfect way to acquire a little training. They last for nine weeks and you will spend that time taking care of the kids and contributing to one of the most wonderful and significant experiences of their young lives. Camp jobs offer you the opportunity to engage in a host of outdoor activities such as climbing, water based adventures and many more. You get to meet new people, have fun with great kids, form new friendships and when your camp experience ends you are free to spend the rest of the summer getting to know America.

When you apply for summer camp employment it must be for the right reasons. If you are genuinely eager about working with the kids and keen to embrace brand new experiences, then your perfect camp role is just waiting for you. Working in a camp will not make you rich but you will benefit in many other valuable ways. When you apply we simply ask for honesty and as many personal details as possible. We ensure that you are placed in the camp that is appropriate to who you are. The most important thing is that you and the camp bring the best out in each other.

We will acquire all the paperwork for you and assist you with your visa and medical insurance. We will connect you to the camp of your choice and help you to secure your place. We do our very best to ensure that you break even on your travel and visa costs and keep you fully informed throughout the entire process. You will receive 24 hour support and advice and we guarantee that a responsible and enthusiastic approach will ensure your success and contribute to an enriching experience for you and everyone you share it with. There are many jobs available ranging from sports and adventure instructors to support staff and camp councillor positions. Apply with Wild Packs today and let us find the camp that is right for you.

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