Return to summer camp and live ten for two!

If you’ve not been to camp before thinking about going back to camp in future summers might be the furthest thing from your mind. But so many of our Wild Packers will love camp so much that they choose to return to camp summer after summer. The camp bubble is definitely pretty addictive. The fun, sunshine, laughs, travels and time off is a recipe for serious FOMO once camp is over and you start hearing from all your camp mates who decide to return to the USA the following June.

The Wild Packs team have spent many years returning back to camp each and every summer. They definitely spend their years’ living ten for two. But why do so many staff, especially international staff, go back to camp for multiple summers?

The kids- You go to camp not sure how you feel about working and living with kids for 8 weeks straight and then absolutely ball it once they leave camp. When you pictures spending your summers without them surrounding your every waking moment it just doesn’t feel right! Returning to camp every summer allows you to stay connected to your campers and watch them grow year on year.

Your camp friends- Working and playing hard all summer with a group of amazing folks from all around the world means life long friendships. You and your camp bestie can’t imagine not working together in the American sunshine and so you both come back every summer!

Career prospects-  This might sound daft but camp definitely boosts your employ-ability and camps are all about encouraging returners to take on more responsibility over the summer. This might mean going from a lifeguard, to lead lifeguard to waterfront director or general counselor, group leader to head counselor over the course of your summers at camp. This will definitely help with future job prospects.

Travel- The USA is a large stretch of land and going back every summer means you have more of a chance to see what the country has to offer!

Returning home. Soppy sentence alert but going back to camp really feels like going home. The campers and staff become your family. You bunk becomes your physical home. You forget what having a ‘normal summer’ is like and throw yourself into the beauty and madness of summer camp.

Thinking of heading back to camp? Check out our returner page for more information!