Please sir, Can I have some more? Food at camp!

Meal times at my camp. Camps will differ a little but this is quite typical of camp meal times.

Breakfast – 8.00am: Alarms tend to go off at 7am in order to get everyone up, showered, and to the dining hall for 7.50am. Once here you might sing a song, you might also raise the flag or do some crazy activity with your cabins in a bid to avoid being sent in to eat last. The winner of the cleanest cabin from each group/village from the previous day will normally eat first. We have cooked options which vary from day to day (eggs, bacon, breakfast corn dogs, sausage, pancakes, etc.) as well as cereal, yogurts, fresh fruit, toast, and OJ.

Lunch – 12.30pm: Following a morning of awesomeness composed of three activities we all meet outside the dining hall and once again, battle commences to not be the last cabin in for Lunch. We have something different for lunch every day and once again, you have the option of having a cooked meal or using the sandwich and salad bar, or if you’re like me, both!

Dinner 6.15pm: Dinner is a similar set up to lunch with cooked options changing everyday as well as a sandwich and salad bar if you don’t fancy that day’s cooked option.

Snacks: Snacks will be provided throughout the day – cookies, ice cream and juice.

Meal times are pretty hectic but are also a great time to catch up with your cabin’s daily going’s on and check in with the kids and their activities. We also like to show our appreciation for the kitchen staff when we can, as they do a great job and work really hard behind the scenes.

Camp grub – Honestly, can get a little repetitive and it isn’t always the 5 star grub that we might be used to back home with fresh home cooked meals etc etc. There should be options for vegetarians, gluten free etc. The kitchen staff will always have something for you to eat.

On days off you can always buy some snacks to keep you going throughout the week!