No screens at camp? The social media detox that is summer camp.

The majority of camps have a ban on phones. Yes, that’s right! If you think you’d really struggle to not check your phone every few minutes, well camp might not be the place for you. Yep, we’ve said it, if you’re glued to social media you may struggle.

With rules on campers not having their phones many camps will look to their staff to mirror that rule for them too. It can be tough being a 14 year old, who’s used to having their phone, tablet, laptop on them constantly and this struggle magnifies if they see their counselors using electronics. For that reason, rules are in place at most camps enforcing staff to keep their phones in lockers in the staff lounge.

This may seem a little severe, but phones at as a huge distraction, which can mean you get less out of camp than what you would if you didn’t have your phone. They could also have more dangerous effects, for example a lifeguard checking their phone rather than the pool. You get the jist!

There have been many studies on the issues surrounding addiction to smart phones and technology. With 50 % of teens saying they feel like they are addicted to their mobile device and feeling the need to be connected to their online connections via social media.

Our advice would be that in the run up to the summer you try to limit your screen time, in preparation for camps’ rules on phones. That way when you get to the States you’ll be less dependent on those streaks in Snapchat, likes on Instagram etc and be able to fully jump into camp life. We promise you’ll get more out of your summer in the USA seeing it through your own eyes, rather than on your screen. Have a read through this article for some ideas on how to detox yourself from social media.