Location, location, location…

Every so often we come across an applicant who wants to be based in a particular state or city in the USA. This might be because they like the area, they’ve always wanted to go there or they have friends/family in that area. We always try to encourage applicants to be completely open minded with regards to where they go in the States- here are some reasons why:

  1. Most camps are in the middle of nowhere. Like, in the middle of the woods. Normally they are close to small towns or cities and we find that some applicants really want to be in New York or California because they’ve always wanted to go to the city, or LA for instance. Even if you’re in New York state you can’t just pop into the city on your hours break.
  2. Sometimes going to an area where you have friends or family can actually hold you back. That day off where everyone is going hiking or tubing and you go see your nearest and dearest. The evening off at the movies that the camp counsellors go to but you do other things with family? Well, it’s only going to stop you from bonding with your co-counsellors. Now, we’re not telling you to denounce your family and friends but we’re encouraging you to use your downtime to hangout with the other camp staff. It can be really great to make friends from all over the world, and you never know your camp BFF could then become your real life BFF!
  3. We 100% recommend making the most of your days off and exploring your local area but you have up to 30 days after camp to do some exploring and sightseeing- plenty of time to visit all the places you want to go or see your relations in the States.
  4. If you request a certain area you are only limiting the amounts of camps who can review your application and potentially hire you. By being open minded to the location you are increasing your chance of getting placed!

So, open your mind, start planning your post camp travels and get excited about the summer!