Friendships at Summer Camp

At first, applying to work in another country for a whole summer can be daunting and extremely nerve-racking! I know I certainly questioned myself several times whilst filling out my Wild Packs application, but to this day, because of the people I have met over the last 4 summers, I know that applying for camp was the best decision I ever made!! Almost everyone who applies to work at an American Summer Camp experiences these feelings but they soon disappear once they’re settled at their new summer home and friendships start happening!


Whether you’re heading to camp for the first time as a general cabin counsellor or an activity counsellor, it is so important to remember that everyone will be or at some point has been in the same boat as you and had the same feelings and worries you may have.

Before the campers arrive for the summer, the staff have a week or two of orientation where they get to know each other and go through their cabin counsellor training together. During this week all staff take part in all sorts of bonding activities – these are mainly fun ice breaker games and team challenges. This week is where the summer friendships really begin!


Camp Reunions!

After spending a whole summer with your new camp friends, it’s always a bundle of emotions when it comes to the last day and the campers leave and the staff go back to their student lives or their regular jobs back home. But don’t panic because CAMP REUINIONS will make your camp blues disappear in a heartbeat! The magic of these camp reunions is that they can take place all around the world! My camp in particular has a reunion at New Years in Scotland!


Everyone arrives at camp as strangers, but they leave as a family (cheesy, but true!). What are you waiting for- apply at