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Hello and welcome!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better.

We specialise in screening, coaching and placing appropriate applicants on children’s summer camps all over America. We pride ourselves on being open and honest with all elements of the program and with our expectations of you, as an applicant. All members of the team have worked at camp, firstly as camp counselors and then worked our way up to leadership positions for several summers; many of us will be returning again this year. We really do live and breathe summer camp everyday.

Our focus is on setting realistic expectations for every applicant and assuming you are honest with us and proactive with the advice we give you, there is no reason why you can’t present a strong application and get yourself to camp. Just remember, you are applying for a job. You need to get us on side with who you are and what you have to offer as well as the owner of the camp. Our owners are very enthusiastic to speak to you before any position is offered, you should expect total clarity every step of the way.

Our long term aim is to bring the concept of American style summer camps to the United Kingdom. We are aiming for 2018 but as this will be the first of its kind, it will take a great deal of support. By choosing Wild Packs, you are not only engaging the services of people who are passionate about camp but you are helping to bring the power of camp closer to home. Once you have finished your first summer, this will make waaaaaaay more sense we promise.

Wild Packs work in conjunction with IENA. The IENA team have over 50 years experience in camping and 35 years in International Programming and J-1 Visas. IENA provide a 24/7 support phone line whilst Wild Packers are in the States at camp and allow Wild Packs to obtain your visa paperwork, enabling you to get to camp. IENA and Wild Packs work together placing our applicants at the perfect camp for you, the kids and the camp director!

We encourage you to look at all your options but before you commit yourself in any particular direction, please, please, please read the small print. There is no such thing as a “free flight”. If you are not at least breaking even with your costs, you are paying over the odds.

Good luck!

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