Camp in America 2018

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Wild Packs will provide you with an experience you’ll never forget. We specialise in finding staff from all over the globe to go out to camp, and have the summer of a lifetime.

If you’re 18-30 years old, looking for a new challenge and have a few summer months to spare then working at an American summer camp is the perfect opportunity for you!

Millions of children throughout the USA  go to summer camp each year. We’re looking for motivated, enthusiastic and fun loving folk who want to make a positive impact on children’s lives and have an amazing summer in the States.

There are different styles of camps that you could be working at, depending on your interests and experience level. We ordinarily don’t accept requests for the location of your camp, however we do cater to your experience and your particular requirements, so you can get the most out of your camp experience. We have specialist camps that focus on a particular activity such as horse riding, adventure and the arts that seek qualified staff members that specialise in a certain area to provide higher level instructions. If you have a passion for a particular craft, sport or skill, this could be the perfect opportunity to share it with others while learning new skills yourself.

Traditional camps are the most common camps and offer a wide range of typical activities including a mix of aquatics, performing and creative arts, sports, outdoor adventure and horseback riding without placing too much focus in one area. All campers are given the choice to participate in these activities throughout their stay. In addition, special events are run during the stay to encompass the traditions and spirit of American camps.

One popular camp style choice that we have is our non-profit camps. Many of the other camps charge a large fee for children to visit, but there are organisations that strive to give children who are less-privileged the same opportunity to experience camp for a smaller price. Many of our staff love to give something back and devote their time to a good cause, providing underprivileged kids with the chance to enjoy all that camp has to offer.

We are the ticket to your ride at camp in America 2018, offering some of the best support and guidance that you could ever imagine. Contact us today if you would like more information or take a look through our positions available today. Whatever type of camp placement you are searching for, we will strive to ensure that we can match you up with the perfect placement so you can start looking forward to the summer experience of a lifetime.

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