Burgers, pizza, waffles, chicken nuggets and TACOS! Eating at camp.

Imagine getting up at 6 am, heading over to the kitchen and preparing a meal. Now that meal isn’t for 4 or so people. It’s for 300, 400 even 800 people. A huge part  of camp is meal times. They can be a little loud, chaotic and manic but getting everyone in and fed is a priority. Hungry staff and kids don’t make for a happy camp!

The food is made in bulk and whilst you can expect to be well fed and enjoy a few different options at meal times you shouldn’t expect tailor made meals or fine dining.

You’ll eat food from all over the globe but prominently American. Camps will look after those who have dietary restrictions but again options may be limited as they need to focus on the campers and the rest of the staff.

Examples of meals at camp:

Fajitas, mac ‘n’ cheese, CHICKEN (lots of chicken), ribs, pizza, pasta, brisket, sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, spaghetti and meatballs and more!

There will always be a salad bar and of course that American classic peanut butter (although normally it’s soy nut butter so the allergy kids can have some) and jelly sandwiches.

At breakfast there is normally a cereal bar, fruit bar and a hot option on the tables.

Camp food may not  be your cup on tea on a daily basis but it’s really important to keep an open mind and remember that the kitchen staff work really hard to keep everyone fed and happy.

You and the kids will most likely be required to help with setting up the dining hall or clean up after meal times. Camp is an ‘all in’ environment where it’s really important to be a team member and help when you can. We can guarantee that you’ll need some help at some point too!