The bonus of applying early for summer camp!

So, it’s September and you’re spending more time thinking about what to do this weekend or what to watch on Netflix rather than what next summer will look like for you. And that’s okay, and pretty normal.

The majority of our Wild Packers will apply after Christmas, which is also okay. However, if you want to get ahead then we would really encourage you to really consider applying early, and here’s why:

Apply early- get placed early! Some of our directors are very keen, and basically start hiring just a few weeks after camp has finished. The earlier that you apply the higher chances you have of getting placed. Because September and October and two of our quieter months there is generally less competition on the site. This means fewer applications for our camp directors to review and a higher chance that yours will stand out!

Save, save, save! The earlier you apply the more time you have to save up for camp. We are very honest and upfront about the costs involved with regards to going to camp, and what your fees go towards. The fees are much more manageable when you have plenty of time ahead of you.

You have more time to plan your post camp travels. Do your research online and see what your options are. We work with Gap Year who run some amazing travelling tours that you can choose to sign up with, if you wish! On the J1 visa provide applicants are able to enter the USA 30 days before they’re due to start work, if you want to do some travelling before camp starts too. You’ll have had more time to save for these adventures!

Get those fees down and make the most of our £100 recommend a friend program. We will offer you £100 off your fees per friend that you bring onto the program, who is accepted and pays their proof of intent. You’ll have a fair few months to get those friends interested in camp and Wild Packs, and get money off your fees!

So embrace the early and start your adventure today!