Sports Roles at Camp

Sports Roles at Camp

Summer camps need sports nuts!

The sports side of summer camp or “Athletics/landsports” (as many camp refer to the roles) cover a wide range of activities and games. Many of the sports played at camp are very similar, if not the same, to the ones we play at home, although there are some more US based sports like baseball or American football offered at camp.

If you are considering going into teaching or coaching as a career then camp is the best opportunity for you to not only gain experience for yourself but gain access to valuable training and support, that can be incredibly difficult to find at home. Camp directors love it when applicants who teach sports at camp at home apply for camp, if you’re studying sports science or sports coaching this is a great thing to mention to the director when you’re having your interview!

Some of the main sports considered:

Having a range of sports that you can offer, an all rounder if you want, is a great thing. If you don’t see the sport you do in the box, above then don’t panic! Tell us about it in your application and we will try and find you a camp that needs you! Remember, don’t sell yourself short.

In terms of skill or experience generally required to win a position as a sports coach, the more the better. Remember that you should present your application as you will be in June, and not how you are at the time of writing. With soccer coaches for example, there is  a lot of  much competition, you will need good teaching experience and at the very least a level two coaching award. Gymnastics on the other hand focuses more on your actual experience and abilities as opposed to the certificates you may or may not hold. We will be happy guide you on what you can do before the summer and there is always time to get more experience.

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