Performing & Creative Arts Roles at Camp

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Fun fact for you…did you know the band Maroon 5 were all bunk mates together on a performing arts camp when they were mini Maroons.

So you see yourself as more of creative peep than someone who is at home in the water or on the sports field? The great news, is that there probably just as many instructor roles on camp for performing and creative arts staff as there are for sports staff!

The arts departments on camp need folk who can specialise in a variety of the following areas but also individuals who are kind of a jack of a few trades, master of none. The trick is to write as much about yourself, and what you can do. Don’t limit yourself to only what you have done to date. You have plenty of time between now and the summer to build on your skill set. We will help you find the right direction with this but do remember the more you can offer, the more appealing you are to a camp.

Creative arts roles include:


The performance based roles can be quite challenging to secure. You really need to be able to offer a few quantifiable skills, backed up with teaching experience.

The roles available on some camps for the performance arts are:

Dancers- we’re looking for solid experience in a few styles, ideally hip hop, modern and ballet. Cheer leading with coaching and or gymnastics, tumbling. Circus including all elements from trapeze to fire breathing. Performance production, light and sound engineers, singing and stage coaches, choreography, guitar players, drummers, radio and all round musically blessed individuals.


Watch the videos, call us if you have questions but the main thing is that you start you application as soon as you can.  We are here to help you get to camp so please take our support on board. Good luck!

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