Performing & Creative Arts Roles at Camp

Performing & Creative Arts Roles at Camp

Fun fact for you…did you know the band Maroon 5 were all bunk mates together on a performing arts camp when they were mini Maroons.

So you see yourself as more of creative peep than someone who is at home in the water or on the sports field? The great news, is that there probably just as many instructor roles on camp for performing and creative arts staff as there are for sports staff!

The trick is to write as much about yourself, and what you can do. Don’t limit yourself to only what you have done to date. You have plenty of time between now and the summer to build on your skill set. We will help you find the right direction with this but do remember the more you can offer, the more appealing you are to a camp.

The campers love spending their time at camp working on projects to take home and show off to their parents, or learning new skills in dance, music or drama. Some camps will offer some less traditional artistic skills like glass blowing or 3D printing, so the campers have the ability to learn some pretty niche skills!

Creative arts roles include:

The roles available on some camps for the performance arts are:

Dancers- we’re looking for solid experience in a few styles, ideally hip hop, modern and ballet.

Cheerleading with coaching and or gymnastics, tumbling.

Circus including all elements from trapeze to fire-breathing.

Performance production, light and sound engineers, singing and stage coaches, choreography, set design.

Music including guitar players, drummers, radio, sound production and all-around musically blessed individuals.

Ideally, camp directors are looking for counselors who are able to teach a few of the above skills and have experience teaching others their skills to others, so that you’ll have lots of ideas of what to teach at camp.

If you don’t have much teaching experience don’t panic- we can give you some suggestions to strengthen your application and skill set.


Watch the videos, call if you have any questions but the main thing is that you start you application as soon as you can, so we can get you off to camp. We are excited to help you have an experience like none other this summer! And where better than in the USA?

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