Cabin Staff & General Counselors

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    If you are an all-rounder, have a give it a go take on life and you’re ready to have a ton of fun then a camp counselor job is the one for you!

What will I be doing? As a general counselor you will have the responsibility of supervising a group of children and taking them to their assigned activities. This could be hopping from soccer to the pool and then onto arts and crafts. When you get to the activities the activity instructors will be there to teach the lesson. This doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax in the sun! We want you to get involved; make some noise and get the campers pumped! All counselors (activity instructors and general counselors) live in a bunk with the campers. The activity instructors will teach various activities during the day, but will still get involved with getting the kids up, meal times, evening activities so you’ll have help with the kids!

Over the course of the summer you will have the opportunity to try out lots of different activities! Without a doubt, you will work your butt off in this role. Juggling 10 (ish) childrens’ needs while keeping on time and helping out with lessons… it’s certainly a challenge! This role is a fantastic opportunity for someone wanting to work with children in the future and isn’t afraid of hard work.

What are we looking for? Having experience with children is key for this role. If you are studying to become a teacher or have a lot of childcare experience we would love to speak to you. Camp directors love hearing that your chosen future career path is to work with children; this is something that will make your application stand out, for sure! This role requires a lot of energy; having a playful side to your personality is a must.

The general counselor role can be  highly competitive, especially for females. Because of this it can be a challenging position to get hired in. This means you need to impress! So, if you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, wear crazy costumes that will entertain your campers and sing at the top of your lungs, then you are half way there! You can leave your inhibitions at the gate!

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