Adventure Roles at Camp

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Love thrills and heights? Not scared of spending the night under canvas? Quite happy to embrace all things mud?

This could be the one for you! Adventure is a vast area at camp. You do not always need to be a pro in a particular area but a willingness to learn and to get your hands dirty is essential.

These activities give campers a chance to get out of their comfort zone and overcome their fears and in turn develop life skills which will help them in their future.

Generally every camp will have some kind of adventure program. If this is an area you want to work in Wild Packs will work with you and get you placed at a camp that suits your skills and experience level.

High Ropes

Most of you will have been on a climbing wall at some point, or experienced what it’s like to go on a zip line. Additional activities include low ropes, Tarzan swing, Jacobs’s ladder, milk crate stack, leap of faith and flying squirrel.

If you are hired as a camps high ropes instructor you will be put through
ropes training prior to the arrival of the campers.

If you have experience from SPA or a Mountain Leader qualification there are camps that offer more intense programs in outdoor climbing and mountaineering, details of which we will happily elaborate on if you’d like to give us a call!

Extreme Sports

These activities can range from mountain boarding, mountain biking, paintballing, archery, go karting, skateboarding and more. Some camps even have their own circus style trapeze!

If you are placed in one of these areas a prior knowledge in an activity is expected. You should also be level headed enough to lead children in activities which are potentially dangerous. If one of these activities is a big hobby of yours it could be sufficient enough for camp. Get in touch and find out more!

Outdoor Education

If you consider yourself the next Ray Mears this could be the perfect fit for you! Many camps will run programs where campers are taught bush craft skills. Some will require prior training or knowledge while others just look for a good attitude and someone with a lot of imagination.

Activities in this area include shelter building, fire making, hiking, fishing, map reading and more! Having experience from Duke of Edinburgh, Scouts or the one of the cadet forces can really help!


Whether it be cows, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, snakes and even gerbils many camps will have animals at their camp. So if you love animals, are studying a veterinary/biology based subject or have current experience you could be calling yourself a camp Dr Doolittle this summer. A good level of experience working with animals is required for this role.


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