7 things to bring with you on your flight to the USA

  1. USB cable/phone charger/USB battery pack- Many new planes have USB plugs in every seat, allowing you to keep your phone/tablet charged up in time for your arrival in the States! If there isn’t a plug then a USB battery pack is a good idea!
  2. An extra layer- Flights can be chilly! You might be in ‘let’s go to the USA’ mode but the plane is bound to leave you feeling chilly!
  3. Travel pillow- You normally get a pillow provided but those flat synthetic pillows  are not the most comfortable! We’d recommend bringing your own for a good kip before you head to camp.
  4. Eyemask- Keep that pesky sun out your eyes. Find your own tiny peace of solo space on that 747.
  5. A pen- This will make it so, so much easier to fill out those pesky forms you’ll have to do for going through immigration. Remember, black or blue ink only.
  6. Passport- Again it makes those immigration forms easier when putting in your passport number and immigration form.
  7. Address where you’re staying/camps’ address- You’ll need to add this to your immigration form.

The world of international flights can be a confusing one, but to help simplify booking process we would  recommend booking your flights with The Flight Centre (although make sure you doing some shopping around prior to booking).

The Flight Centre are really are very on top of things and more importantly, if you get stuck in the US and need to change your flight, they are there to help 24/7. They will also match any quote you find elsewhere, so definitely shop around before you call them!

We have a dedicated flight guru that deals with those Wild Packers who wish to book their flights using The Flight Centre. Information on The Flight Centre can be found on your Wild Packs account, once you’re placed at camp!